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Omar Mustafa

Featured Resident 17 Jun 16 18,308

mustafa_uhaulOmar Mustafa is a staple of the new generation of Dallas DJs.  Mustafa operates on a broad pallet of club music, from drum and bass to house.  His dedication to the culture and audience-focused background allows him the unique ability to adapt each set to the party at hand.

Mustafa began his career working as a promoter with the infamous Afterlife nightclub.  He found his love for mixing and has played live shows at Green Elephant, Wit’s End and Crown & Harp.  He’s also been featured in Dallas Observer’s Mixtapes series.

His dedication goes beyond the art of mixing. Mustafa’s start in booking and promotions has given him a unique insight on the amount of work that is put in behind the scenes. When he is not mixing, he can be found supporting the local scene out and about at various weeklies and events most days of the week.


Featured Resident 17 Jun 16 19,545

RXE2RXE’s exposure and interest towards electronic music began at a young age of ten when he was introduced to genres such as Trance and Goa that would eventually draw him towards the Dallas club and rave scene as an older teen. The immersion into the Dallas club scene around 2008 coupled with an even greater new found interest in dance centric genres such as progressive house and techno began RXE’s DJ career at the age of 19 for Afterlife Dallas, a very rave centric EDM club at the time. As a club DJ for Afterlife Dallas RXE was able to experiment mixing different types of dance music styles exploring their impact on the dance floor.

Following two years spinning regularly at Afterlife Dallas RXE shifted his focus towards music production, audio engineering and sound design in order to expand upon the ability to impact listeners on the dance floor. Today he is influenced by the sounds of Techno, House, Progressive and much more!


Featured Resident 17 Jun 16 9,391

MxMind DJing to fans.Born in San Diego, MxMind, AKA Joe, started his musical journey at 17 when he first discovered electronic dance music. It was at this moment that Joe knew he wanted to be part of ‘The Scene’. In 1997 Joe bought himself his first set of decks at the age of 19 and was already doing guest mixes on radio shows while DJing at various clubs. Following his earlier success as a DJ, MxMind later had the opportunity to open up for world renowned legends such as Darude, Spacemen Live, Basshunter , Roski Speed, Burufunk Live, Magnus, Infected Mushroom Live and many more.  

He achieved his big break after becoming actively involved in the afterhours club scene as a key event organizer and talent curator. Promoting for The Basement, Studio 7, Fallout, and Afterlife set the grounds for Joe’s place in the scene. MxMind is not only a talented DJ but also a curator of memorable nights. Aside from DJing, MxMind also writes and produces his own original music. MxMind’s Production successes have found releases on Bonsai Elemental, Traffic-Tunes, Grooveman, D-Pulse, 220V Recordings, and many more.  

The scene should be expecting big things from MxMind in 2016 as his latest project, ActiveSessions.FM launches with the intention to bring the electronic dance community together by connecting music fans to DJs and producers.