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Donald Glaude at Taboo Lounge

Uncategorized 11 Jan 17 6,373

ActiveSessions.FM Events presents….

::: Donald Glaude :::

—-Local Support—- 3 Stages
(Stage 3 Featuring: www.facebook.com/FunkBoyK- Funk Boy Krew)


Mic Most

JWho (Jamie Seltzer)

Chaser (Chad Humphrey)

Noelle G

Brian Pibb – DJ/MC

Luis Gonzalez

Unkle John

Chris Malhiot


JC (Jc Torres)

Charlie H. (Charlie Hand)

Kyle Everett

Daniel Scott


Wiz Kid


Jordan Burks

RXE & Omar Mustafa



Rob Preston

Limited $10 tickets
Door Cover: $15 Before 10PM $20 After
21+ up w/Valid ID
Sound & Lighting Provided by
DJSL LLC. – www.djsl.net
Lazers by – www.djsl.net

Taboo Lounge Dallas
1418 N Riverfront Blvd, Dallas, TX 75207


Get Live Musik Presents: Mic Most Radio

Featured Resident 30 Dec 16 11,740

At twelve years of age, a young version of Mic Most was just venturing into the world of music, discovering the skills of his own on a Casio keyboard, a karaoke machine and a set of headphones he already figured out could be used as a microphone. Realizing quickly how much he enjoyed making music as he grew up in Orange Co., CA – he made a commitment to continue his path into music and never surrender the incredible feelings and genuine ability to connect to others that music had shown him.

 He made one of the most important moves in his life to that point and relocated to Texas. Discovering the music scene was full of talent but missing some flavor, Mic Most began to find his niche in the independent scene almost instantly. After getting heavily into & influenced by electronic music, he eventually went on to become a DJ/Promoter within the local scene, displaying his own incredible sounds night after night, but now also assisting and inspiring others to make the best music they could make as well.

 As his reputation as both an artist and producer grew and word continued to spread, it led Mic Most to start his own record label – Get Live Musik – and really step into studio controls. At the helm of projects for independent talent from all over the scene, Mic Most has been ensuring that each of the artists he’s worked with have gotten the very MOST out of their MIC. With his own success firmly established, Mic Most began to work almost twice as hard getting others the recognition their talents deserved.

Today, Mic Most hasn’t slowed down a single bit. Working harder than ever and drawing continual inspiration for love, life and the amazing local talent like Tru Def, Codar, Alsace Carcione, G Elysium and many more; Mic Most has still found more than enough time to create his own creative electronically-driven music in a hip hop-ish style. Claiming the “Best Artist” prize as top performer at the 2013 Dallas Music Conference, the skills of Mic Most have been confirmed time & time again.

Mic Most has projects with The Ambient Society, Los Angeles Digital Audio, and also was in a side-project known as 2w0E1even where he matches his own creativity with that of two-time Grammy Award winner Jah Born. If anything, Mic Most has become much busier and much more of an integral part of the scene, not only as a musician.  In 2016, Mic Most began composing music libraries for Film/TV for UMPG (Universal Music Publishing Group). Mic Most is also an active member of The Recording Academy and has been seen in places such as Washington D.C. lobbying for musicians’ rights or Hollywood attending the Grammy Awards. Keep this guy on your radar.

 AWARDS: 2013 – Dallas Music Conference (Best Artist)

 NOMINATIONS: 2016 – Independent Music Award (Best Dance/Electronica Album-Fall In To Me)


2016 – Grammy Award (Best Electronic Album-Riot Machine)

2016- Grammy Award (Best Instrumental Arrangement-Thrice Struck)

2017- Grammy Award (Best Dance Recording-Hero)



-Scott Kinchen AKA Goldfingahz (CEO-Ambition MPR/The One Vodka/Wu Tang Producer/Grammy Nominee)


Symbolic One AKA S1 (Producer for Kanye West, Eminem, Madonna, Beyonce & 50 Cent/Grammy Winner)

Aberrant Beats

Featured Resident 29 Nov 16 6,811

My love for music goes back as far as I can remember, but the DJ fire was lit for me in the mid 1980’s with sounds like German Techno, British synthpop, , and San Francisco leather bar.  With these emerging new sounds in my head and new experiences at local underground clubs, moving into the DJ arena was the next inevitable step.

Early stints at clubs in East Texas evolved into bigger things in college.  Running my own mobile DJ service and spinning in college clubs 3 and 4 nights a week only served to fuel the fire for sharing the music I loved with the world.  Guest mixes during spring break at clubs like The Coliseum in Daytona Beach and Club Rio in Corpus Christi were some of the highlights of my early days.

My move to the DFW area came in the early 90’s when I was hired to DJ at a large nightclub in Ft. Worth.  After graduating College and several years of working by day and DJing by night I decided it was time to merge the two so I opened my own nightclub (Xccess).  It had been a dream of mine for years and I was finally afforded the opportunity to make it a reality.

After time I realized I did not share the same enthusiasm for running a club as I did DJing in them so I sold everything and took a hiatus.  A few years later I heard some mixes from DJ Moxie being played at clubs like Afterlife and my fire was reignited.  I’ve been back at it for about 7 yrs. and I’ve never had more fun playing the music I love for the world. Thank you ActiveSessions.fm!

    Sandra Collins 3 Hour (Special Extended Set) at Taboo Lounge

    Uncategorized 29 Nov 16 9,655



    ActiveSessions.FM Events presents….

    ::: Sandra Collins ::: 3 Hour (Special Extended Set)

    —-Local Support—- 3 Stages

    Martin Esco

    Michael Todd

    Pretty Legit (Noah Warr & Joe Cartia)

    Bobby Hass

    Owl-B (Alberto Barron)

    Matte-Black (Matt Althoff)

    Omar Mustafa

    RXE (Rehan Ellahi)

    Exticite (Josh Cavanaugh)


    Travis Elliott

    Kaycee Unisca

    CodarCody Crouch

    Mic Most (Micah Moore)

    Eric Bigesoul Quintero & Lacey Stars

    Rob Preston

    Travis Wiley

    Cory Krol (Cory Krol)

    Ondarrious Deontè Douglas​ & Illanoise ( Connor Cuellar​ )

    Door Cover: $15 Before 10PM $20 After
    21+ up w/Valid ID
    Sound & Lighting Provided by
    DJSL LLC. – www.djsl.net
    Lazers by – www.djsl.net

    Taboo Lounge Dallas
    1418 N Riverfront Blvd, Dallas, TX 75207


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    Featured Resident 27 Oct 16 13,477

    Bringing the electronic dance Music community together by connecting music fans to DJ’s and Producers. An online radio network for Electronic Music lovers!

    Thank you for listening to ActiveSessionsFM. Please let all your friends know that we are available worldwide online!



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    Codar Radio

    Featured Resident 21 Oct 16 19,100

    At the early age of 15, Cody Crouch fell in love with dance music at an underground warehouse called Decibel in Dallas, Texas. He soon after began his DJ career, and today, he is known as Codar.

    He has played at clubs and festivals all over the world, and is currently gearing up for his 2017 Winter Tour. His experience with Ultra Music Festival, and performances in Ibiza has made him a staple in the dance music industry. He shared the stage with many high profile performers such as BT, Hybrid, Fergie, and Junkie XL to name a few. He has also held residencies at The Sand Bar, The Home Bar, Al Amir, and California Crossings.

    Codar has become known for his progressive style fusion that allows him to mix multiple genres seamlessly. His most recent productions are Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Game Over.

    You can always find Codar recording in the studio at Get Live Music, or spending time with his family.

      Active Sessions Launch Event

      Uncategorized 20 Oct 16 18,284

      Our main objective at Active Sessions has been to not only provide an outlet for all types of electronic music but to go beyond and bring the dance music community together through shared collective experiences. Keeping this vision in mind we are proud to announce our very first Active Sessions event. Featuring a wide variety of talent spanning across multiple genres and styles, we plan to create a unique experience where all are welcome. We hope you are excited as we are! ActiveSessions.FM



      Luis Gonzalez

      Featured Resident 30 Aug 16 14,054

      Luis’ love for electronic music started at the age 13 when by chance he acquired a mix of electronic music that sparked his creative passion.

      Within a few years he had bought his first pair of turntables and started learning the art of mixing. While still in high school, he mixed his first live set at Afterlife, a Dallas electronic club at the center of the scene for many years. His dedication kept distance from getting the best of him, traveling regular from his home town of Waco to Dallas.

      Luis has held residency positions at Afterlife and performed repeatedly at Lizard Lounge opening for world-renown DJ’s such as Armin Van Buuren, Marco V, M.I.K.E, Beat Service and more.

      His joy for mixing and interest in electronic music led him into the role of producing. Luis has released music on Freegrant Music, a label ran by well known producer, Max Freegrant.

      His latest EP titled “Ethereal” gotten tremendous support from some of the biggest artist in the EDM scene such as Above & Beyond, Kyau & Albert, Cosmic Gate, Sunny Lax, and many more.  Luis is currently working on remixes and original material forthcoming in late 2016 and early 2017.