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Castle Nova Presents – Castle FM

Featured Resident 23 Apr 18 0

Castle Nova is a local DJ in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area, who has had a passion for electronic music since he was young. Castle Nova has been djing since 2013 and has been able to mix about any genre in the electronic scene. Through Castle FM, he hopes to bring some of the hottest tracks from all over the globe into his radio show and expand his audience music taste and influence. Not only is he a DJ, but he has also been producing music since 2016. So keep a lookout for some of his songs and remixes being played exclusively on Castle FM!


IvaN&RubN Presents – NoLimit Radio

Featured Resident 31 Aug 17 0

IvaN&RubN are two brothers passionate for electronic music since they were young. The older brother Ivan lives and works in Marseille (France) and Ruben lives and works in Montreal (Canada). Music is what brings them together. They launched their official DJ careers in September 2014 on social networks. They created the NoLimit radio show to be able to share biweekly what they think are the best EDM tracks of the moment including some of their remixes and mashups. IvanN&RubN have also started creating their own music, stay tuned. They want to share with you the energy, madness and power of electronic music. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself dancing.

ProtoHippy Presents

Featured Resident 25 Aug 17 0

Founding member of the Dirty South Ravers in San Antonio Texas. I have been all over Texas playing out as a DJ and as a VJ under Protohippy. My styles range from funky breakbeats to hardcore gabber, and everything in between. I have shared the stages with some really great djs throughout the years. Music is a passion of mine, and I hope to make it a passion of yours as well. Have recently moved to the Seattle, Washington area and feeling my way around out there.




Alan Anaya Presents – Trancesion Radio Show

Featured Resident 08 Aug 17 0

Hola amigos y compañeros,mi nombre es Cristián alan Anaya jaimes mejor conocido por ustedes como ALAN ANAYA,soy un chico de 26 años,originario de México de una ciudad llamada nezahualcoyotl ubicada en el estado de México,e vivido toda mi vida en esta ciudad. Llevo en la música electrónica desde el año 2008 primero como un amante del género y 3 años mas tarde comencé con la pasión de convertirme en DJ,veía a esos grandes djs en los escenarios como logran hacer que las personas bailen griten y pasen momentos increíbles,todo ello me fue motivando a iniciarme en esto de ser DJ,fueron tantas mis ganas y mía emociones de aprender el arte del dj que comencé a ver muchos tutoriales y a preguntar a amigos que ya se encontraban trabajando como djs,de ese tiempo para acá e aprendido mucho y e tenido la oportunidad de tocar con amigos,en sus casas en fiestas y algunos eventos organizados por amigos,se que no llevo una gran carrera,pero voy por mas quiero lograr mas desde ser un dj mas profesional hasta un productor,hago esto porque me gusta por es mi pasión,porque me gusta ver a las personas bailando y divirtiéndose al estar tocando una buena mezcla y por la emoción que esto me hace sentir,seguire adelante con este proyecto y dare lo mejor de mi hasta llegar lo mas lejos que pueda.

Bobby Hass Presents – Actuate Radio

Featured Resident 02 Mar 17 0

Born in Stuttgart Germany to military parents, Bobby Hass’s initiation into music began with influences from overseas in the birthplace of Electronica. He was traveling the world at an early age, but once back in the U.S. Bobby began his self education to become a dj in his late teens and early 20’s. While watching vanguard djs like Christopher Lawrence, Vicious Vic, John Digweed, and Sasha spin at local raves, Bobby found his calling. Then living in Dallas TX, he started honing his own dj skills doing multi-turntable sets at various underground venues like the Dojo and DEA. Eventually, Bobby worked his way up into residencies at Fallout and playing out at big shows and parties always representing his love for Trance music despite its lack of popularity at times.

Bobby has always accepted the challenge to expose people unfamiliar with the genre, and with his superior mixing skills and great ear for track selection he has often won over even the harshest critics. New and Old School electronic dance music lovers alike can be found flocking to whatever stage he is playing in order to hear his unique style of Tech Trance with its hard driving basslines, deep dark melodies, and energetic sound that makes you want to dance.

2010 was a good year, Bobby was seen at some of the biggest events around TX including Futurefest at Apache Pass, several huge Afterlife Dallas events like Bikini Bash , Mayday at Lizard Lounge Dallas, and he also was the opening dj for Vicious Vic at Montbleu Resort in Lake Tahoe NV. 2011 is shaping up to be even better, Bobby has already visited Wichita KS and has bookings for massive parties like Spring Love in Austin, and Texas Freedom Festival, and other events through his own Ngenious Productions crew in collaboration with other groups around the region. Bobby Hass is an accomplished dj who is always looking forward to the new challenges that lie ahead in his efforts to reach a worldwide audience.

Brian Pibb Presents: The 214 UNTZ Sessions

Featured Resident 19 Feb 17 0

DJ Brian Pibb aka Brian Armstrong has been involved with the Dallas Dance scene since 1998. First making it as a Drum & Bass MC, then later a DJ and sometimes a promoter. Got to help make the Drum & Bass scene thrive in Dallas when the underground was rearing its head to the public. Started DJing in 2003, seriously and later changed musical directions concentrating on House, Trance, and Techno. Started doing Clubfare with top 40 remixes that helped make the plunge as a professional DJ and small business owner. Brian is now concentrating on Techno and is chain driving the sound in Dallas consistently.

Kaycee Unisca Pres. The Collective Radio

Featured Resident 17 Feb 17 0

Kaycee Unisca has called Dallas Texas home for over two decades and has graced dance floors across the State with his signature Progressive House and Breaks style.  Having played at renown clubs such as the Lizard Lounge, Taboo Lounge, Murphy’s Mansion, The Crown and Harp and many others alongside legendary artists such as Sandra Collins and Snoop Dog, Kaycee Unisca has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the Dallas electronic music scene. He credits his love for electronic music to his insatiable appetite for music and innovation as well as respect and admiration for local Dallas legends such as Mark J, Rob Vaughn and Michael Todd. A veteran crate digger and self proclaimed vinyl junky, Kaycee Unisca’s sets tell a story that has taken years of hard work and a palpable passion for his craft. With his heart for Prog he cites amongst his greatest international influences; John Digweed, Sasha, Sandra Collins and Rabbit in The Moon.








Bigesoul Presents: Sunday School

Featured Resident 30 Jan 17 0

Bigesoul is a Dallas Native who has a long and rich history in House music. He started to Dj at the age of 17 and has continued to grow as a musician to this day. With background in guitar and keys he uses both instruments as a signature to his music production.

Bigesoul has accomplished the production of his own tracks and has worked with some of House music’s elite. Demarkus lewis of Dallas Tx and Roy Davis jr out of Chicago to name a couple.

Bigesoul has had the honor of opening up for some of the biggest acts in the EDM scene. Bad boy bill, Richard Humpty vision, Plump Dj’s , Baby anne, The Prom killers, Tommie Sunshine, roy Davis Jr, Bearwho? Donald Glaude, Dj Feelgood, Victor dinaire, Fei Fei and many more.

“My only wish is to share my music with the world and If I can touch just 1 soul in this big beautiful world with my music, I will have lived a good life”

Technologic Progressions

Featured Resident 17 Jan 17 0

Unkle John was introduced to electronic music when his younger brother
took him to his first rave. It was then that he knew without a doubt
that he wanted to become a dj. Shortly thereafter he bought his
Technics- the same ones he uses today.

His passion for electronic music has grown steadily over the years.
Having developed his own unique mixing style of long mixes and builds,
he has become a true mixologist. Taking part in numerous after hours
ventures has helped to shape his sound that could be best summed up as
progressive rave music.

Unkle John has played many shows around his hometown of Dallas Texas
and has held a vast array of residences including Area 51, Fallout,
Gravity Defiant, The Sand Bar, and Afterlife, to name a few.  He has
also played shows in surrounding states and in Florida at WMC in

Over the past few years Unkle John has been focusing his creativity in
the studio. He has been stockpiling original tracks and remixes as
well as collecting gear. Be on the lookout for tracks, remixes, and
hybrid sets in 2017.


Get Live Musik Presents: Mic Most Radio

Featured Resident 30 Dec 16 0

At twelve years of age, a young version of Mic Most was just venturing into the world of music, discovering the skills of his own on a Casio keyboard, a karaoke machine and a set of headphones he already figured out could be used as a microphone. Realizing quickly how much he enjoyed making music as he grew up in Orange Co., CA – he made a commitment to continue his path into music and never surrender the incredible feelings and genuine ability to connect to others that music had shown him.

 He made one of the most important moves in his life to that point and relocated to Texas. Discovering the music scene was full of talent but missing some flavor, Mic Most began to find his niche in the independent scene almost instantly. After getting heavily into & influenced by electronic music, he eventually went on to become a DJ/Promoter within the local scene, displaying his own incredible sounds night after night, but now also assisting and inspiring others to make the best music they could make as well.

 As his reputation as both an artist and producer grew and word continued to spread, it led Mic Most to start his own record label – Get Live Musik – and really step into studio controls. At the helm of projects for independent talent from all over the scene, Mic Most has been ensuring that each of the artists he’s worked with have gotten the very MOST out of their MIC. With his own success firmly established, Mic Most began to work almost twice as hard getting others the recognition their talents deserved.

Today, Mic Most hasn’t slowed down a single bit. Working harder than ever and drawing continual inspiration for love, life and the amazing local talent like Tru Def, Codar, Alsace Carcione, G Elysium and many more; Mic Most has still found more than enough time to create his own creative electronically-driven music in a hip hop-ish style. Claiming the “Best Artist” prize as top performer at the 2013 Dallas Music Conference, the skills of Mic Most have been confirmed time & time again.

Mic Most has projects with The Ambient Society, Los Angeles Digital Audio, and also was in a side-project known as 2w0E1even where he matches his own creativity with that of two-time Grammy Award winner Jah Born. If anything, Mic Most has become much busier and much more of an integral part of the scene, not only as a musician.  In 2016, Mic Most began composing music libraries for Film/TV for UMPG (Universal Music Publishing Group). Mic Most is also an active member of The Recording Academy and has been seen in places such as Washington D.C. lobbying for musicians’ rights or Hollywood attending the Grammy Awards. Keep this guy on your radar.

 AWARDS: 2013 – Dallas Music Conference (Best Artist)

 NOMINATIONS: 2016 – Independent Music Award (Best Dance/Electronica Album-Fall In To Me)


2016 – Grammy Award (Best Electronic Album-Riot Machine)

2016- Grammy Award (Best Instrumental Arrangement-Thrice Struck)

2017- Grammy Award (Best Dance Recording-Hero)



-Scott Kinchen AKA Goldfingahz (CEO-Ambition MPR/The One Vodka/Wu Tang Producer/Grammy Nominee)


Symbolic One AKA S1 (Producer for Kanye West, Eminem, Madonna, Beyonce & 50 Cent/Grammy Winner)